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Cox Dune Buggy
Vintage Cox .049 Vehicle circa 1975. Video was produced on a vintage Commodore Amiga Video Toaster/Flyer computer system
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Dragon Lasers Spartan 1 Watt Blue Laser
While waiting for my Spyder III Arctic 1 watt blue laser from Wicked Lasers to arrive, I put in a s...

Amiga A4000T
Since piquing my curiosity with the Amiga 2000 Video Toaster a little while back, I did more resear...

Weathered Bachmann Spectrum K4 Pacific
I have a fair amount of experience weathering military models like the Tamiya RC Tanks, but this wa...

Tamiya Jaguar X JR-12 (1991, 2005)
This model was originally released in 1991 and was subsequently re-released in 2005 with a fully fi...

Walthers Proto 2000 EMD E8 UP City Train
After months of the UP City Train passenger cars dribbling in one at a time, Walthers comes through...

Planet Bike Protege 9.0 Bike Computer
Since upgrading my bikes, I began riding more, so I wanted to know how far, how fast, and how long ...

Athearn Genesis UP FEF-3
One of the most difficult DCC conversions that I've done to date was this FEF-3 from Athearn. Most ...

con·tent·ment (kən-ˈtent-mənt)(n) - the quality or state of being contented. Cat's know how to rela...

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