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Cox Dune Buggy
Vintage Cox .049 Vehicle circa 1975. Video was produced on a vintage Commodore Amiga Video Toaster/Flyer computer system
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After The Storm
Continuing my "at home" series of photographs, I caught this one Sunday afternoon. [caption id="att...

Oregon Photo Tour
Just got done posting some photos from a recent photo tour in Oregon's Columbia Gorge region as wel...

Cowon Q5W GPS Cradle
Updated: February 3, 2008 Updated: January 30, 2008 The do-it-all PMP gets the uber-upgrade...The Co...

Orion Models (NJCB) Union Pacific Coal Turbine
As HO model trains go, this thing is HUGE! But alas, it was a temporary fling. This model ended up ...

Science Fair Aeronautical Lab Kit SFX-4000 (1975)
Back before video games became the standard time-waster of youth, we kids actually BUILT things. No...

Science Fair Optical Lab Kit SF-3000 (1972)
During the 1970's, Radio Shack's Science Fair wing was cranking out the junior mad scientist kits l...

Con-Cor Aerotrain (HO)
Looking like a car almost as much as it looked like a train, the Aerotrain was an attempt to woo tr...

MTH AC-6 4-8-8-2 Cab Forward
MTH is sure cranking out some nice looking HO stuff these days. This Southern Pacific AC-6 was rele...

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