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Cox Dune Buggy
Vintage Cox .049 Vehicle circa 1975. Video was produced on a vintage Commodore Amiga Video Toaster/Flyer computer system
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Mainline Completed on the N.E. and Everee Railroad
This weekend marked a momentous occasion as the last spike (glob of caulk) was driven on the mainli...

In The Not So Distant Past
Here in the Northeastern US where I live, temperatures are climbing into the mid-to-upper 90's for ...

Broadway Limited Heavy Mikado
Broadway Limited has re-released their Mikado series (light and heavy) of locomotives in the Parago...

Traxxas T-Maxx with OS .40 4-Stroke
For a short time, OS made a .40 four stroke motor specifically for land vehicles (as opposed to air...

Leicina Special Movie Camera
The Leicina Special from Leitz was a no-nonsense super 8mm brick of a camera. It wasn't a brick bec...

Science Fair Aeronautical Lab Kit SFX-4000 (1975)
Back before video games became the standard time-waster of youth, we kids actually BUILT things. No...

Tamiya Mountaineer (1992, 2014)
After the Bruiser faded away in the 1980's, Tamiya resurrected the all metal, three-speed concept w...

Walthers Super Chief
Walthers Santa Fe "Super Chief" and "El Capitan" named trains are pulled by the "Warbonnet" clad F3...

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