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Cox Dune Buggy
Vintage Cox .049 Vehicle circa 1975. Video was produced on a vintage Commodore Amiga Video Toaster/Flyer computer system
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Tracklaying Commences On The Northeast and Everee
The benchwork is done and I've laid enough track to form a loop. I can now run trains continuously ...

Archos 605 Wifi (160gb) – Updated with photos.
I've rewritten this article because I decided that the 605 I had originally purchased was defective...

Yosemite – May, 2007
The rest of the photos can be viewed at or click the photo above....

Overland Models UP Steam Turbine Number 1 & 2
And the hits keep on comin'! OK, next to the Overland Models UP Coal Turbine #80, the UP Turbine #1...

Tamiya Tyrrell P34 Six Wheeler (1977, 2001, 2010)
Originally introduced by Tamiya in 1977, the Tyrrell P34 Six Wheeler was an unusual vehicle to be s...

Archos 5 Internet Tablet With Android
Arriving in the mail today was the new Archos 5 Internet Media Tablet with Android. This is my firs...

Butterfly Bush
Butterfly bushes work as advertised, attracting many different species of pollen-seeking insects al...

Tamiya XR311 (1977, 2001)
The XR311 was Tamiya's first off-road vehicle and its first kit with a fully independent suspension...

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