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Cox Dune Buggy
Vintage Cox .049 Vehicle circa 1975. Video was produced on a vintage Commodore Amiga Video Toaster/Flyer computer system
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Classic RC/GrabBag

Addendum to Cowon Q5W Hard Drive Upgrade
I had a couple of readers mention difficulties with upgrading the Cowon Q5W PMPs with larger hard d...

Single Tube Nixie Clock
My fascination with these unusual clocks continues and I have a couple of kits in the construction ...

The North East and Everee Railroad
The time has come. After over 10 years of amassing trains, producing numerous test track videos, an...

Italy – Oct/Nov, 2007
The rest of the photos can be viewed at or click the photo above....

Tamiya Mountaineer (1992, 2014)
After the Bruiser faded away in the 1980's, Tamiya resurrected the all metal, three-speed concept w...

Weathered Bachmann Spectrum K4 Pacific
I have a fair amount of experience weathering military models like the Tamiya RC Tanks, but this wa...

Tamiya Lancia 037 Rally (1983, 2001)
This one gets my vote for "most improved Tamiya re-issue", after replacing the ungainly Frog chassi...

After The Storm
Continuing my "at home" series of photographs, I caught this one Sunday afternoon. [caption id="att...

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