Archos 605 vs. Cowon Q5W – Charging Comparison

By | Jan 3, 2008

Cowon Q5W took 6.5 hours from empty to full charge. Not too bad. The Archos 605 took over 14 hours!!! I actually don’t know exactly how long the Archos took to recharge, because it finished sometime during the night while I was asleep. I plugged it in at 9:42 am and as of 11:30pm, it still wasn’t done. That means I have time for only one full charge a day. If I watched only videos, I’d get about 4.5 hours of play time after which I’d have to hang it up for another 14+ hour recharge. Archos is going to make me buy another accessory, the charging dock…bast_rds.

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