WordPress Plugin – Poster Gal

By | Feb 26, 2009

I’ve been working for the past several days on a plugin for WordPress blogging software (what I use for rcgrabbag.com). The plugin is designed to pull random photos from one’s blog and make a thumbnail gallery from a predefined number of random images.
The thumbnails display in a gallery format and link back to larger versions of the image, then from there they link back to the original post that contained the photo. The idea is to visually entice a reader to check out some older content on the website. It is a work in progress, so there are some bugs to work out. Some of the links generated by the gallery might be broken. This is because early on when I installed WordPress, a short time afterwards I moved the WordPress files to anther folder and it screwed up some of the image references, but most are OK.

Why the name “Poster Gal” for the plugin? Well, it’s sort of a photo gallery, that takes you back to the original post, hence, Poster Gal.

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