Taking Photography To Another Level

By | May 31, 2009

When it’s time to take an art form to another level, it’s best to learn from a master. I love landscape photography, and I want to get better. As luck would have it, I hooked up with famous landscape photographer, Marc Adamus. This guy’s work is amazing.

I’ll be going on his Oregon Coast Tour this September and am looking forward to learning more about the art of “seeing” or visualization. It’s not so much about what camera you use, how many megapixels, or what lens. Seeing is the most important aspect of any visual art form. From seeing comes technique, and then finally, choice of tools.

Almost without exception, whenever I show someone some of my photos, the inevitable question that follows is, “What kind of camera do you have?”, as if the camera chose the subject, waited for the right lighting, and composed the elements in the photo. None of those elements have anything to do with the camera.

Personally, I use a prosumer Nikon D700 with an assortment of pro and not-so-pro lenses, a Nikon D40 as a backup, and a crappy point-and-shoot digital camera, both of which I have used to effectively capture the image I wanted (many of my Yosemite photos were with the point-and-shoot). Now you may be asking, “If you can take great photos with a crappy point-and-shoot, why use the D700?” Like anything that requires tools, some tools make certain jobs easier, but not better. An expensive camera won’t make up for lack of vision. It will only make it easier to take crappy photos.

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