Halo 3: Conclusion Of The Trilogy

By | Sep 26, 2007

First of all, why just a Trilogy? Why not keep the franchise going with Halo 4, 5, 6 and so-on? Maybe because its a lot like 1 & 2, just with better graphics. I got my copy yesterday and played for about an hour.

It’s got the same characters, same weapons, same gameplay as 1 & 2, so not much new there. I haven’t played online yet, but I’ll probably do that tonight. Graphics do lookgood, but they’re supposed to. There are new features I have to delve into, because that’s supposed to be where the game differs from it’s predecessors. For instance, you can take one of the fixed, mounted heavy guns and detach it from its mount and carry it around. Online mode is supposed to be where the game really shines,with 16 players at a time, and 11 different maps. There are some new weapons,and a whole array of deployable equipment, such as a Gravity Lift to ride or a Bubble Shield allows you to stay safe inside while youattack your enemies. The little annoying Covenantdrones are still there, and they’ve still got the helium-induced voices constantly calling you names like “demon!” and “big jerk!”.Another feature I haven’t tried is the ability to capture video from your gameplay and replay from multiple camera views. That way you can rub in your victories over your other game bee-yotches again and again. Nice…

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