A Few Days With An iPhone 3G[S]

By | Jun 22, 2009

Having owned a 3G iPhone for about a year, I wasn’t too torqued up about upgrading to a 3G[S] given the short list of improvements and cost of upgrading. But now that I’ve spent a few days with the new device, I gotta say, I am impressed. Here are my favorite improvements:

  1. Voice Command – It’s about time! Voice dialing is long overdue. Voice command also allows basic iPod control which is an added bonus.
  2. 32GB of storage – Up from 16GB. Not earth-shattering from a technical standpoint, but 32GB holds what I would consider a reasonable amount of media, which puts this device closer to what I would call my “all-in-one device”. With the 16GB 3G, I carried a separate iPod with more music and video on it. I don’t need to do that now.
  3. Faster performance – Apps open quicker and the whole experience is “snappier”. 
  4. Fingerprint resistant screen – A very welcome improvement! I don’t know how they do it, but it’s amazing how well the screen resists the greasy streaks caused by normal use. It’s not perfect, but it’s significantly reduced over previous iPhones.
  5. Full compatibility with Apple In ear headphones. On the 3G, the headphones volume control didn’t work.

All I need now is turn-by-turn GPS (coming soon from TomTom) and I can toss the rest of my devices on ebay.

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