See the tag line above? “Because one hobby just isn’t enough”. That pretty much sums it up.

Why RC/GrabBag dot com? My name is Jonathan Warfield, and I suffer from incurable A.D.D. – OK, maybe I just don’t want to be cured. I like having a lot of hobbies. And if you do too, this site’s for you! I started this site in 2002 as a sort of online hobby reference site. In 2007, I did a major overhaul of the site and that’s what you’re looking at now. This site is my online journal, sort of a system of record for just how serious my A.D.D. is. My wife calls me the “hobby locust” – that I move from one hobby to the next, consuming ravenously as I go. This site backs up her claim.

Who runs RC/GrabBag dot com? I do this site all by myself. I’m just one guy with a lot of hobbies who needed to write it all down somewhere. So here you’ll find a lot of information, opinions (right or wrong), misspellings, photos, videos, poor grammar, interesting stuff, boring stuff, etc. I do this site purely for my own entertainment, and if I manage to entertain a few more people besides myself, extra bonus!

Who reads R/CGrabBag dot com? You do! RC/GrabBag dot com is read by people from all over the globe. It’s easy for people to find this site because it’s usually a top ranking site in Google and other search engines on a number of topics.

How to use this site: Hey, you don’t need to have a lot of hobbies to enjoy RC/GrabBag dot com. Maybe you’re looking for just ONE hobby to get into (is that possible?). Maybe you Googled for something and stumbled in here. However you got here, poke around. I’ve got plenty of distractions to lead you in hundreds of different directions. For instance, on any page, you’ll see a gallery of random thumbnail images. Click on a thumbnail that catches your eye and it will lead you to an article containing the photo (I programmed that one myself). Also, at the bottom of every article is a collection of links to related articles. Click anyone of those to sink ever deeper into RC/GrabBag. If all this weren’t enough, there are more links along the right hand side for recent article posts, reader comments, most popular posts, and the list goes on. Make sure you check out the Videos link, too – a pretty large collection and growing.

What’s can I find here anyway? I focus heavily on vintage radio controlled cars and military tanks from Tamiya. I’ve managed to collect a few, inspired by the memory of a Tamiya Rough Rider I built as a kid. I like gadgets of all sorts, vintage and new. I like model rocketry. I learned how to make chocolate which is really bad, because I’m a chocolate fiend. I really like the outdoors and traveling, and of course, if I’m going somewhere special, I’ve got to photograph the heck out of it, so of course I’m into photography as well.

So, stay a while and enjoy yourself. Life is tooooo short to waste a lot of time here, but we all need a diversion every now and again, so why not RC/GrabBag dot com? After all, one hobby just isn’t enough!

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