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Ardennes – December, 1944. This King Tiger is taking part in the “Battle of the Bulge” against the Allied forces. This lone beast is a formidable foe all by itself. The model started as a static Tamiya King Tiger with the Porsche turret but was scratch-upgraded to multi-function capability with off-the-shelf Tamiya drives and various mulit-function hardware. For complete “how-to”, see here. Since this model was converted, Tamiya has introduced a full-function King Tiger (with Henschel turret).
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The Sherman gets put through its paces outdoors. Its fun to watch the suspensions on these tanks in action.
(11.7 mb DivX video)
Watch as the M26 Pershing takes advantage of an unsuspecting King Tiger that happens to wander into a trap.
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Tiger 1 put through its paces, even scoring a hit on a Pershing while on the move! She’s been hit a few times herself so the engine sputters as she struggles along.
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In an extremely rare moment of cooperation, the US Pershing and German King Tiger go on a joint patrol of my back yard. Watch out for that septic tank…er…concrete pillbox.
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The Sherman is fired up and put through its paces in the “Tank Room”
(6.8 mb DivX video)
The Sherman’s climbing ability put to the test
(2 mb DivX video)
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