Merry Christmas!

By | Dec 25, 2011

I shot this last year on December 24, with my last roll of Kodachrome Super 8mm movie film. Kodachrome had been out of production for a number of years, and processing at the last lab on earth that would process Kodachrome (Dwayne’s Photo), was to be discontinued on Dec 31. So, this was my small tribute to Kodachrome and the many memories it helped preserve.

Merry Christmas!

After the Christmas Rush

By | Dec 28, 2008

Were you this happy on Christmas Day? This is Butters (full name Peanut Butters…don’t ask, it’s a name that just sort of evolved) playing with her new toy. She was a stray hanging around our house that we took in. Her belly is still without hair after the vet took away her ability to have kittens, but she doesn’t seem to mind. 

Got some new Tamiya products that I’ll post photos of shortly. I’m just getting the hang of some new studio photo equipment (strobes, backdrops, etc.), so photos for this website should have a more “professional” appearance to them.

So where are all the new Canon 5D II’s?

By | Dec 9, 2008

They’re on ebay for prices way over the MSRP. Canon (and others) need to do what Apple did with the iPhone when it was introduced; that is, make enough of them for product launch day so that there isn’t any need to resort to ebay profiteers who bought up all the inventory only to make a fast buck. iPhones just sat on ebay last year while the rest of us who wanted one to actually use simply walked in a store and bought one at the normal price.

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